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Future of Fintech

Everything is becoming fintech and fintech will become everything, possibly. Although, for fintech to become everything, the question arises – what does the future of fintech look like? 

Future of Fintech tracks six core themes that we believe have the potential to become the future of the industry. It analyses trends surrounding business models, collaboration, and innovation in the finance industry, along with macroeconomic trends of rapid digitalization and sustainability brought about by the pandemic and the imminent climate catastrophe.

Worldwide Web3 Wonderland

Web3 has emerged as a unifying theme that encapsulates many adjacent themes, such as metaverse, NFTs, DeFI, DAO, DID, etc., that are synergistic and symbiotic with the crypto trend but have an independent evolutionary curve. 

Worldwide Web3 Wonderland (WWW) newsletter intends to be a witness to the evolution and progress of Web3 by tracking six key decentralisation pillars, ensuring that bias stays out of the door and factual information is at the forefront.


Life in the twenty-first century exists at the intersections of many different things. Fintech has evolved from the intersection of finance and technology and is now steadily growing into an independent industry.

Fintersections is a thematic canvas that explores the intersection of FinTech with the world. It brings you think-pieces highlighting a fintersection that’s picking up steam or has already witnessed a stratospheric launch into mainstream applications.

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