Open Innovation in the Financial Services Sector


Innovation has been at the heart of the technological revolution of financial services in the past decade. However, most of this innovation has happened behind so-called ‘closed doors’. With the FinTech industry maturing in the new era we’ve embarked upon, the ability to scale and grow collectively will only happen when the doors open.

Open innovation is one such phenomenon that can enable collaborative transformation and build the financial services base needed for the world of tomorrow – one that will be embedded in every aspect of our lives.

We are delighted to join forces with NayaOne in their quest of unbundling and re-bundling the many trends in the financial services sector that are driving the collaborative vehicle of open innovation to enable superior embedded experiences.

Some of the themes explored by the report are –

  • The new shape for the future of finance
  • Open Innovation: A new paradigm to collaborate and co-create
  • Open innovation: Innovation archetypes and benefits
  • Open innovation: The building blocks of open innovation

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