The State of Embedded Finance (Q1 2024)

May 15, 2024

The State of Embedded Finance (Q1 2024)

Finance and banking have always been deeply integrated into our lifestyles, reflecting the evolving needs and contexts of consumers’ lives. Embedded finance is a testament to this integration, bringing financial services directly into customer interactions when they are most needed and on channels where they can be easily discovered and consumed. The Embedded Finance Quarterly Roundup report captures the dynamic progress of embedded finance in Q1 2024, providing valuable insights into the latest use cases, product launches, industry applications, partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions.



As we progress further into the era of Embedded Finance, our expectations for seamless financial transactions continue to grow. Consumers and businesses seek convenience and a seamless experience, and non-financial firms (fintechs and brands) are responding. 

The first quarter of 2024 has seen a significant uptick in the adoption of embedded finance, driven by evolving technology, processes from banks and BaaS providers, and wider participation from non-financial firms across industries. This evolution allows non-financial firms to not only incorporate payment solutions but also to seamlessly integrate banking, cards, insurance, lending, and more directly into their offerings, making finance an invisible yet indispensable part of digital interactions. Dive deep into the transformation of financial services and discover how industry leaders have been leveraging embedded finance to meet new consumer demands and drive growth. 

What will you discover?

  • Emerging use cases: Dive deep into the latest trends in embedded payments, lending, cards, insurance, and beyond. See how innovative companies are using embedded finance to create seamless customer experiences, including cross-border payments, BNPL for B2B transactions, and embedded credit for employee expense management, that keep customers coming back for more.
  • Industry applications: See how embedded finance is transforming industries across the board, including travel, sports betting, and SMB lending. Discover how businesses are leveraging embedded finance to create exciting new customer experiences.
  • The Power of Partnerships: We unveil how collaborations between fintechs and established financial institutions are pushing the boundaries. Embedded credit for employees? Co-branded cards? These innovative partnerships are making it all possible.
  • Funding Trends and M&A Activity: Gain valuable insights into the funding trends fueling the embedded finance revolution. We’ll also analyse the recent mergers and acquisitions, revealing a maturing market ripe with opportunity.

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