The State of Fintech Infrastructure (Jan-Feb 2023)

March 16, 2023

The State of Fintech Infrastructure (Jan-Feb 2023)

With the world rapidly evolving and adopting new trends along the way, customers demand innovative products like never before, while also seeking protection from the escalating threat of online fraud. In tandem, businesses are seeking to adapt their operations and payment collection methods to keep pace with the changing landscape.

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The initial stride towards modernisation is to replace or enhance the organisation’s operational and IT infrastructure, which forms the backbone and structure of its technology framework, and is responsible for crucial functions like managing accounts, loans, payments, and securities.

As customer-centricity takes centre stage in 2023, financial institutions are gearing up to enhance their frameworks to facilitate business capabilities. To leverage the maximum benefits and agility, these players are charting out a strategic blueprint to acquire top-of-the-line solutions and construct a composable platform.

The State of Fintech Infrastructure – Jan-Feb 2023 Roundup report delves into the dynamic advancements in fintech infrastructure across the globe, tackling pain points and revolutionising the way we move money. Unveil a constellation of significant events spanning various themes, including:

  • Use case-based summaries of market trends. Use cases covered include using fintech infrastructure for payments technology, lending technology, core banking, cloud adoption, card issuing and processing, and digital onboarding.
  • Notable product launches and innovations in the fintech infrastructure space.
  • List of notable funding rounds, mergers and acquisitions, and partnerships.
  • Summary of global regulatory initiatives for payments and credit.

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