From iPhone to iBank: Analysing Apple’s Embedded Finance Adventures

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Think about the biggest brands in the world – you’ve probably got a few names popping up in your mind. What makes these brands global phenomenons? Their products, for starters, but more importantly, their loyal user base. Loyalty can make or break a brand. And when you’re loyal to a brand, you are loyal. So think of a scenario where a brand you love has introduced something new. Your automatic reaction is, “This is so cool, sign me up!”. Hook, line, and sinker.Apple started with the desktop computers – pretty cool, shattered the ceiling with the iPod – so cool, took it to the next level with the MacBook – super cool, stepped up its game again with the iPhone – super duper cool, then came the iPad, the Apple Watch, the AirPods, and so much more in between – cool cool cool. If you’re one of the 1.8 billion active device users of Apple, you’re most probably a fan of one product or the other.With so many products across different categories, the main question for Apple is – how do we increase user loyalty/stickiness/engagement? Well, you make products that are a class apart, and you also keep improving and introducing […]

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