Risav Chakraborty

Senior Research Associate
Risav is a senior research associate at WhiteSight, where he spends his days navigating the complex fintech landscape and poring over market trends. When he’s not decoding the world of fintech, you’ll find this sports fanatic decoding the perfect curveball on the football field.
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The Meteoric Rise of BaaS Models in the Modern Financial Landscape In 2011, Marc Andreessen penned an influential essay claiming,...

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The Chronicles of Cardnia: PSPs Reshape Card Issuance in 2023 Ever tried getting a customised card from a traditional bank?...

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Tap to Pay and SoftPOS: Saving Lunch Breaks in 2023! In a world where our smartphones know our coffee orders...

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SMB Financing: Cat Bath or Credit Path? For small and midsize businesses (SMBs), trying to get a loan from traditional...

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Drive Safe, Fly Secure: Embedded Insurance Escapade The travel and mobility sectors are roaring back to life now that the...

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Over the past year and a half, the fintech sector has witnessed a massive slowdown, marked by stagnant growth, reduced...

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As digital payments and mobile wallets gain traction with growing internet access, tech biggies like WhatsApp are stepping in to...

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Global FinTech investments reached a record US$210B across 5,684 deals in 2021. The massive investment inflows into the FinTech ecosystem...

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In its seven years of existence, Revolut has swiftly made its way from a multi-currency payments startup in the UK...

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