New look, same WhiteSight

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New look, same WhiteSight

A rebrand can mean a lot of different things – a new identity, a fresh start or a restart, or just an upgrade. For WhiteSight, it’s all of them combined. Our original look, which formed our identity from the get-go was simple yet playful. As we grew, our ideas grew, and our vision broadened too. We wanted our new identity to define where we are today and where we’ll be going from here.

WS reimagined

“Uncover whitespaces, lead change” has been our motto from day one. That, along with our focal points of “whitespace” and “insight” (which blend to form our name), formed the starting point of the rebranding ideation. After a lot of iterations, we settled on the idea of a prism representing the insight into the whitespace.

The colours that embody our new identity – purple, dark blue, cyan, and black – weigh towards a cooler palette while still being dynamic. The purple and dark blue come together to form a soothing gradient that you will see a lot across our website and some of the existing content we have created.
Shifting away from the condensed Barlow we were using previously, simple and clean Montserrat and Open Sans form the new WS typography.

We could get into every little technical detail of the new logo, colour scheme, and style, but we’ll let art be art – open for interpretation by the observer.

UX matters

With the new website, our aim was to make it more user-friendly and set up the base for all of the soon-to-be-launched things we’ve been working on. (You can get more hints by signing up for updates here!)

The Audience and Offerings sections have been added to provide a clear understanding of who we cater to and what we do. The Insights tab is your one-stop shop for all things WS research – blogs, reports, newsletters, and more. Partnerships highlight our collaborations with different global partners.

As a user, you have the option also to create a free account so that you can easily download reports and infographics, and also keep track of your favourite content.

Fintech is evolving and so are we

If there’s anything the past few years have taught us, it is that change is inevitable. As we continue to grow from here onwards, so will our identity as a company. There will be new releases and tweaks and updates, but what will remain constant is our drive to adapt, experiment, and continue being your trusted source for fintech insights.

A note of thanks

Rebrands are tough. They take an entire village and some. Add to that a website revamp, and you’re in it for the long haul. This rebrand, for us, has been almost 4 months in the making, and while we know it might not be the most important thing to everyone, it means a great deal to us, and we’re excited to share this new journey with you. So I’d like to take a moment to appreciate and congratulate all of the people who worked their hearts out to get this done – you know who you are. Shoutout to the QiWorks team for supporting us through this process. And to Liju Sukumar, our Head of Design, who spearheaded this complex task with grace and passion. Teamwork makes the dream work!


Afshan, the co-founder and COO at WhiteSight, loves studying business models and understanding how things work. When she's not busy working, you can catch her experimenting with new recipes and flavours in her kitchen.

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