Revolut’s Quest To Become A Financial SuperApp

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Antifragile, as described in the eponymous book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, is used to describe things that gain from disorder and chaos. The FinTech industry is witnessing a massive turn of fortunes and is experiencing unprecedented disorder and chaos, especially in the consumer-focused segments such as neobanking, BNPL, digital investments, etc.Plummeting valuations, investment cooldowns, heightened regulatory scrutiny, and recent geopolitical tensions have brought an unwelcome winter for the FinTech industry. When most of the players in this space have resorted to defensive choices, a UK-based e-money institution with a European banking license is showing the traits of being an antifragile.Revolut has not just remained immune to the recent downdraft but seems to be scaling new heights amidst the uncertainty and chaos. In its quest to be a financial super app, Revolut has stuck to its aggressive expansion strategy, persistently increasing its global footprint, backed by a diverse range of products, features, and tools for the customers. Having already covered the stellar growth in their product offerings from 2015-2020 in our previous deep dive, in this edition, we take a look at the more recent ones, launched from 2021 onwards. 2021: Big Bets On Business2021 proved to be a pivotal year […]

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