2023 Roundup: The Synergy of BNPL and E-commerce

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Swipe, Splurge, Savor: E-comm's New Norm!

What’s more fun than a Sunday shopping spree, right? Picture this: you on your couch scrolling through the latest sneakers or fashion trends. But your bank balance is playing hard to get. That’s where BNPL, your new shopping BFF, comes in. With just a click, your dream item is en route. The best part? No high-interest drama of credit cards or overdrafts!

BNPL is evolving beyond a trend; it’s emerging as the preferred choice for savvy shoppers, especially among millennials and Gen Z, who often navigate the marketplace with limited credit scores or without a credit card to their name. At the same time, both prime and super-prime customers are also drawn to BNPL due to its transparent and manageable repayment options.

And guess what? In 2023, we’ve witnessed a delightful surge in e-commerce-BNPL collaborations across different regions, with several e-commerce platforms working their magic to seamlessly integrate BNPL options into online checkouts. This partnership wave has made it exceptionally convenient for young shoppers to explore the online retail landscape and make purchases, all without the necessity of traditional credit.


What’s spurring this BNPL uproar in the e-commerce and retail world is the hunger for flexible payment options, an improved shopping experience, and its role in promoting financial inclusion through informal credit channels, such as online marketplaces – all without the hassle of those lengthy and often dreary bank and credit card paperwork rituals.

What grabbed our attention, you inquire? Well, these are a few partnerships that certainly stand out:

  • Ikea teaming up with Afterpay to make furniture purchases a breeze with no-interest credit.
  • Amazon joining forces with Affirm, offering the luxury of next-day delivery with a convenient three-week payment plan.
  • Namshi collaborating with Tabby in Saudi Arabia for a unique shopping experience that divides the purchase into four interest-free instalments at checkout.
  • Liberty teaming up with Klarna to elevate the luxury shopping experience through no-interest instalment plans.
  • Walmart and Klarna joining forces to sprinkle Pay in 4 magic on grocery shopping, personal must-haves and others. 

Empowering Retail: Key Factors Driving BNPL Adoption

The advancement of BNPL checkout convenience is further propelled by the following key drivers:

  • Technological developments: Technological advancements in the BNPL industry are driven by AI and data analytics, making credit approval faster and more personalised. User-friendly mobile apps and online platforms improve accessibility and merchant integration. 
  • Underserved customer segments: Barriers to credit card access, especially among Gen Z, are driving the growth of BNPL, especially among those under 30. Credit cards have more entry requirements than BNPL services, which have a smoother onboarding process. 
  • Increased revenue: Merchants see increased sales. BNPL-focused fintechs benefit from higher commission fees, leveraging consumer spending patterns for improved revenue through cross-selling and targeted advertising.


As we wave goodbye to 2023, increased BNPL convenience while online shopping is becoming the norm, but regulatory challenges remain in the mix. While regulators scrutinise BNPL providers’ operations, a global trend continues to emerge through adaptation. We eagerly anticipate how this will evolve in 2024.


Fintech Analyst

Samridhi is a fintech analyst within the WhiteSight team, researching fintech trends and providing insights into everything from new markets and investment opportunities. Just like she connects the dots to reveal the big picture of the ever-evolving fintech landscape, she has a keen eye for discovering the brushstrokes of Madhubani paintings and the contours of the hills.

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Kshitija is a senior branding associate at WhiteSight, crafting branding strategies and fintech content. When she's not conjuring up new ideas for the company, you can find her dabbling in new hobbies and documenting her experiences through writing and short films.

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