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SoFi: a FinTech, a Challenger, and a Bank

SoFi: a FinTech, a Challenger, and a Bank The alliance between traditional banks and disruptive FinTechs is no news –...

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The world has been quick to realize the avant-garde and empowering potential of digital currencies and assets in the last...

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2021 emerged as a groundbreaking year for FinTechs. Much more money poured in. Several fintechs exited by getting acquired by...

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If there’s one lesson that 2021 has unearthed for the world, it is that moving forward, there’s no time to...

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The past year was bigger, better and bolder for the fintech sector. Startups and firms at all levels observed remarkable...

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2021—the year the Digital Banking space said, “hold my beer, and watch this”… Only to quite literally make giant leaps...

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2021 has been a high octane year for mergers and acquisitions (M&As) in the FinTech world. The FinTech industry, which...

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To C or Not To C: G20’s Regulatory Stance on Crypto The idea of decentralized currency has grasped everyone’s curiosity...

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The impact of cryptocurrencies in capturing markets and building on a socioeconomic revolution has flourished since its days of inception....

Complimentary Research

2021 FinTech Roundup: Stacking the Neobanking Stakes As we witness another year calling it a wrap, we reflect back on...

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