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Trusting The Trustless: 2022 Crypto Shutdown & Hacks

2021 was a year where the sun shined brightly upon crypto investors. By November 2021, Bitcoin had reached an all-time...

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The blockchain and crypto industries have been weathering the difficult ‘crypto winter’, with decreased activity and market value presenting barriers...

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Cloud-native Cores and Digital Banking Revolution One small step towards cloud-native cores, one giant leap towards digital finance! — That’s...

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Tall, Grande, Venti, Trenta – it all begins with choosing from the all-too-familiar cup sizes at your neighbourhood Starbucks. Only...

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Global FinTech investments reached a record US$210B across 5,684 deals in 2021. The massive investment inflows into the FinTech ecosystem...

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In its seven years of existence, Revolut has swiftly made its way from a multi-currency payments startup in the UK...

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When you read the word SME, you may be used to associating it with a traditionally analogue, offline business. Where...

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Achieving the vision of helping more and more people experience financial well-being isn’t an easy feat, but one company is...

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The emergence of Open Banking, a paradigm allowing consumers to consent to third parties to get access to financial data...

Complimentary Research

Transformation stems from the need for innovation – to unlock novel ways of generating value. Just like the tides in...

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