Defining the Next Decade of MSME Digital Banking

October 2, 2022


Defining the Next Decade of MSME Digital Banking delves into the MSME digital banking trends in Southeast Asia that are spurring innovation and unlocking new value pools across six key markets and five key business banking areas. We’ve teamed up with BANKINGSTACK to analyse the demand for smarter business banking solutions in the region, and how banks can leverage this opportunity to evolve into a one-stop shop for MSMEs’ financial needs.

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Digital transformation of micro, small and mid-sized enterprises (MSME) has fuelled innovation in financial services, with digital-native business models giving rise to new niche segments in the market. For one region, in particular, MSME demand presents a vast opportunity for introducing frictionless access to modern financial services and better financial health in the economy.

The Southeast Asian market – with its rapid digital adoption, supportive regulatory initiatives, and robust modern infrastructures – presents a ripe landscape where banks can compete meaningfully to future-proof their positioning in the business banking space. Only now, they need to look beyond traditional strengths and instead solve for better product-market fit and intelligent risk models.

We join BANKINGSTACK in uncovering the diverse trends of MSME digital banking in Southeast Asia that are enabling access to contextual financing options and adding value to drive financial inclusion for the region.

The report explores the following key segments:

  • Digital Evolution of the MSME Sector
  • MSME Digital Banking Opportunity in Southeast Asia
  • Digital Banking Use Cases for MSMEs
  • Accelerated Digital Banking Adoption for Banks

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