The Future of Financial Services and Trust in the MENA Region

November 15, 2023

Brankas + WhiteSight

Dive into how Open Banking is shaking things up in the MENA region’s financial scene. It’s all about sparking collaboration and building a trusted financial future that’s way more connected and innovative.

Commisioned Research

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The report is packed with insights on how Open Banking is reshaping finance in the MENA region by enabling banks to win customer trust, drive innovation, unlock new revenue streams, and nurture collaboration with fintech startups and digital brands.
Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find:
  • Get the lowdown on how Open Banking’s making data sharing safe and sound, earning big trust points from customers and encouraging more folks to come on board.
  • Find out how it’s ramping up customer experiences and getting the old-school finance giants and the new fintech rebels to play nice together.
  • Dig into the money-making avenues, the hurdles, and the sticky bits of Open Banking, plus some savvy moves for keeping the growth game strong.
  • See how the MENA region’s big economic plans are giving a thumbs-up to inclusive, digital-savvy business models.

Report Preview

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