The State of Banking-as-a-Service in the UK & Europe

May 3, 2023

Toqio + WhiteSight

WhiteSight joins forces with Toqio to delve into the heart of the Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) market in the UK and Europe, extracting valuable insights from key players for newfound clarity on the space.

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The State of Banking-as-a-Service in the UK & Europe embarks on a journey to explore the BaaS terrain and chart its progress from past to present and beyond. With the proliferation of BaaS tools, companies can now seamlessly integrate financial services into their products, and BaaS providers are becoming indispensable for various businesses, from neobanks to marketplaces. However, regulators are also taking a firm stance and warning against bad actors operating in their sector, which could put the brakes on the market. The million-dollar question is, where will the BaaS market go from here?

Together with Toqio, we aim to gain insight into these matters, unravelling the mysteries surrounding the ever-evolving BaaS realm while shedding light on the fate of the existing BaaS market. Our quest entails an exhaustive exploration of the BaaS landscape as we strive to discern the shape and form of BaaS’ metamorphosis into embedded finance.

The report delves into the crux of the matter by examining the following pivotal aspects:

  • Overview of global trends and market opportunities
  • Critical capabilities of various BaaS business models
  • The rise of BaaS in the UK & Europe
  • Incumbents’ approach towards BaaS
  • The impact of regulatory oversight on BaaS

The report also includes points of view from knowledgeable executives from select BaaS companies and profiles of 15 BaaS providers operating in the UK and Europe.

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