2021 FinTech Roundup: Stacking the Neobanking Stakes

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2021 FinTech Roundup: Stacking the Neobanking StakesAs we witness another year calling it a wrap, we reflect back on some of the breakthroughs that make 2021 the dawn of a whole new era for digital-first funding. The post-COVID world has indulged itself towards a customer-centric mindset, fanning the flames of digital innovation amongst financial institutions. Attempting to win in the race of hyper-personalized experiences, startups and scale-ups alike took to remodeling their platforms with consumer-friendly business models and technological infrastructures. The acceleration has fueled the growth of a diverse set of neo banks including independent full-service neobanks, credit-focused neobanks, vertical niche-focused neobanks, digital bank subsidiaries, etc. – attracting massive investments to strengthen the vision of establishing the next generation of seamless and superior banking.To put it simply, 2021 had investors and investment firms going all-in on Digital-first banking like: Needless to say, this year has observed some remarkable funding rounds that took over every headline possible. A prompt overlook at the hierarchy of the neobanking investment galore puts the spotlight on the key neobanks who raised it big during the course of this year:  The Million Dollar Club ($1-10 M) – While there’s a larger re-bundling trend that has swept […]

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