A Brief History of Time – 2021 FinTech Public Listing Trends

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2021 emerged as a groundbreaking year for FinTechs. Much more money poured in. Several fintechs exited by getting acquired by incumbents or by scale-up fintechs. But arguably the most important trend of 2021 was a blizzard of fintechs choosing to list on public markets. Fintechs’ product and geographic expansion plans coupled with venture capitalists’ search for returns incentivized the choice of public listings.And while some did achieve this milestone with great response in public markets, others struggled to maintain their listing valuations and witnessed moderate to massive corrections in their share prices, a subject that we implored in-depth previously through the 2021 FinTech Public Listing Trends. FinTechs’ Battle For Sustainable ProfitsOut of the 21 FinTechs that went live on public markets in 2021, only 6 made the cut in having their books in green. UK-based money transfer fintech Wise, which listed on the London Stock Exchange in the month of July with a valuation of $11bn, witnessed a rise of 9% in shares during the early trade itself. It is one of the rare fintechs, which has been profitable for over 4 years before listing.Crypto-lending and exchange platform Coinbase also makes its mark as a young growth company that has […]

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