An Apple A Day With FinTech In Play

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An Apple A Day With FinTech In PlayIn Aug 2018, Apple became the first company in the world to hit a $1T market capitalization, followed by a $2T valuation just two years later and briefly crossed the $3T mark in the month of Jan, 2022. The tech giant had its genesis in the dreams of Stephen G Wozniak, who planned to develop his own computer. In 1976, Apple was co-founded by Steve Jobs, Stephen Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in the Jobs’ family garage – a story that resonates with everyone’s favorite start-up fairytale of a few close friends, a garage, and humble beginnings. Though the release of Macintosh in 1984 was a major milestone for the company, the tech goliath’s leap into prominence can be majorly credited to Steve Jobs’ second stint as the CEO starting 1997. Since the launch of the first iMac in 1998, Apple has always strived for innovation which has reflected in their investment and acquisition strategies. Their partnership with Walmart to launch voice activated grocery shopping via Siri and with Salesforce to facilitate developers build their own native applications are the perfect examples of Apple’s ambitions to actively expand its presence across industries, and also […]

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