Parting Ways With Partisanship: FinTechs Building For Women

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Bias exists – in education, politics, finance, and so much so, even when it comes to integrity. While the rosy picture showcases a parity where both men and women equally coexist in all aspects of life, the view is a whole lot different when the rose-colored glasses are taken off. A 32% gap still remains towards reaching gender parity, as per the ,Global Gender Gap Index.With ,85% of women controlling their families’ day-to-day finances, and the ever-increasing discussion around the inclusion of gender-based diversity, breaking the glass ceiling that blankets over ethical decision-making shouldn’t be a tough task to tackle. Yet, with women holding only ,31% of the positions at the C-suite level, even lower if taking into account women of color, #breakingthebias may indeed require more than just a brainstorming session.Realizing that the invisible blocks women experience towards financial inclusion are more the product of long-held social beliefs as well as behavioral and symbolic misrepresentations goes a long way in rooting out the core issues when tilting the lens on female inclusion in matters of finance. What’s even more crucial to realize, however, are the unique set of needs and lifestyle challenges through which women and men both function […]

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