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Infographic design showcasing the gambling and gaming industry players leveraging open banking via principles of data sharing and payments for responsible gambling.
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The Chronicles of Cardnia: PSPs Reshape Card Issuance in 2023 Ever tried getting a customised card from a traditional bank?...

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Tap to Pay and SoftPOS: Saving Lunch Breaks in 2023! In a world where our smartphones know our coffee orders...

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Car-venient Fintech: Buckle Up for In-Vehicle Payments! Ever binge-watched the futuristic Bond or Star Wars movies, marvelling at those high-tech...

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Payment Platforms’ New Side Hustle Remember when payment pros caught the digital payment craze during the pandemic?Well, as the pandemic...

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As digital payments and mobile wallets gain traction with growing internet access, tech biggies like WhatsApp are stepping in to...

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The fintech movement has emerged as a vast and varied landscape of financial services that spans everything from lending and...

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