The Ethereum Expedition

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The Ethereum ExpeditionHappy Merge Day, everyone!What better time than today to reflect on the road traversed by Ethereum and the associated ecosystem while we witness one of the most significant events in the Web3 world since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009?While no list can ever do justice to the exciting number of events that have transpired in the Crypto, DeFi, & the larger Web3 world, this is an attempt to capture some of the key milestones the community has witnessed over the last ten years.Here’s a flashback of the Ethereum Expedition. Enjoy!  To make things more interesting, here are some cool facts about Ethereum:Ethereum has created $200B+ of market capitalisation in eight years. It also briefly crossed the $500B valuation mark in October 2021. For comparison, Uber IPO-ed in 2019 at $80B after ten years of existence.Vitalik Buterin dropped out of the University of Waterloo at the age of 19 to create Ethereum and, in the process, joined a long list of illustrious college drop-outs such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Travis Kalanick, and several others to put a dent in the universe. For a change, this time, the dent was a decentralised one!Vitalik worked […]

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