From Brewing to Boom: Embedded Finance takes-off in Europe

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From Groceries to Policies: Europe’s Embedded Endeavours Brands and digital platforms across Europe are integrating financial products, refining user experience to the nines. From fashion to logistics, they’re changing the way the world perceives financial services. A personal loan from your go-to grocery store or home insurance from your furniture store – to some it may sound far-fetched and untrustworthy, but the “everything is fintech” mantra is changing this belief.Europe has been at the forefront of several game-changing fintech happenings, and embedded finance is all but one of them. With this blog, we take a look at the innovation in embedded finance across key markets in the UK and European Union. The spotlight is on nonbanks, such as retail brands and digital platforms embedding financial services with the help of fintech enablers and financial institutions that offer their technology and licences.Let’s get to it! Germany and the UK lead embedded finance innovation Progressive regulations and policies in the UK and Europe, such as open banking, PSD2, and fintech licences (electronic money institutions, digital or startup banks, etc.), have led to the creation of an abundant playground for innovation. Non-banks across the UK and EU are experimenting with contextual embedded financial […]

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