Toast Teardown: Vertical SaaS meets Embedded Finance

February 22, 2024

Toast Teardown: Vertical SaaS meets Embedded Finance

Toast is revolutionising the restaurant sector by integrating financial services seamlessly into its restaurant management and Point of Sale (PoS) solutions. Beyond its innovative software and hardware offerings, Toast leverages embedded finance to offer a suite of financial products, including loans, payment processing, and insurance, tailored specifically for restaurant businesses. Dive into our report to explore how Toast Capital is transforming B2B finance, making financial management more accessible and affordable for restaurateurs.



What you’ll find in this report:

  • Beyond PoS: How Toast expanded from restaurant management software to a comprehensive financial services platform.
  • Toast Capital Deep Dive: Unpacking the suite of lending, BNPL, payments, payouts, cards, and insurance solutions offered to restaurants and their employees.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Analyzing Toast’s collaborations with FinTech players and licensed institutions to power their embedded finance offerings.
  • The Revenue Engine: Exploring how Toast leverages embedded finance to drive impressive revenue growth, exceeding 80% of their income.
  • Market Impact & Future Outlook: Assessing the potential disruption Toast brings to restaurant finance and predicting future trends.

Order your copy today to gain an edge in the booming embedded finance market!

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